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Bengal Loach Profile

The Bengal Loach, Botia dario, also known as the Queen Loach, tends to vary in temperament. Friends of mine have kept this species with other fish, including other Botia species without any obvious aggression. However, I once added a shoal of thirteen of these fish into my large Clown Loach aquarium, where they wreaked utter havoc and nipped at the fins of all the Clowns, even those that were huge in comparison.

Bengal Loach, Botia dario

Bengal Loach, Botia dario

They can be a little territorial and do argue amongst themselves from time to time, but in a moderately boisterous tank containing medium sized barbs or deep-bodied tetras etc, they should do well.

Other common names:

Queen Loach

Scientific Name:

Botia dario



Botiidae is a mainly Southeast Asian family of cypriniform ray-finned fishes. Recently placed in the true loach family Cobitidae, in 2012 M. Kottelat revised the loaches and re-elevated this taxon to family rank.

Botiids typically have a more or less arched back, with a pointed snout of intermediate length.

Botiidae often encountered in the aquarium trade include:


Natural Habitat:




Mature Size:

Bengal Loaches have been reported to reach up to six inches (15 cm) in their native streams of India and Bangladesh, but in captivity most specimens reach four to five inches (10-12cm).



Social Temperament:


Recommended Tank Size:


Water Requirements:




Health Problems:




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